Cable Television

Cable Headend Equipment

Over several years DVC developed a range of products in this field, working with a number of different, but related companies.
In response to customer requirements, DVC's innovation and custom development capabilities allowed higher levels of integration, allowing more and more ad-insertion functionality in a smaller and smaller space. Space is always at a premium within the headend. And anything to simplify cabling, installation and maintenance requirements makes for real savings for Cable Operators.
Customers for DVC's Cable TV products include all the major MSOs in the USA and Canada, as well as international customers, in the UK, Europe, Caribbean and South America
. With more than 30,000 channels of ad-insertion playback in service in 24 hour operation, there is no doubt of the products' stability and continued effectiveness.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) RAID Storage AlphaServer CPU 10 MDS-420 4-Channel Decoders rack

Move your cursor over this image to see the different components of the rack.

This image shows the DVC MDS-420 installed in a rack with a Compaq AlphaServer using RAID to store commercials as data files.
An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is mounted in the base of the rack.

Each MDS-420 unit supports four channels of digital-into-analog insertion. Installed as a cable head-end, this rack would allow 40 separate channels to carry local advertising.

Equipment similar to this is installed in about 3000 cable head-ends throughout the United States for insertion of local commercials.

DTMF Trigger IP sender

Extending the product range into Digital Program Insertion (DPI) DVC developed a custom product for use at Time Warner Cable. DTMF tones from the analog satellite receivers can be used to define the timing of local advertising inserted directly into the digital feed from the server.


Digital Video Processing IP gateway

DVC has developed a highly flexible platform capable of processing at least 16 video streams. It has 2x GigE, 16xDVB/ASI inputs and internally up to 16 DSPs which can be combined to scale, insert logos, time delay, stream switch, de-multiplex and re-multiplex multi-program streams.

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