Our Company

Founded in 1993, Digital Video Communications (DVC) designs, develops and manufactures product for applications in Digital Video.

From the office in Woburn, Massachusetts, DVC develops solutions for specific markets. Working with customers for unique applications, DVC's design engineering takes a concept from block diagram to finished product, which is fully tested in house before shipment. Embedded software, where applicable, would be developed, tested and loaded. DVC also provides technical support for the life of the product for hardware and software.

Company BackGround

The company's roots can be found in a previous start-up company, Fluent Machines, (Founded 1989) which provided digital video solutions to integrators for a variety of applications. The software development part of Fluent Machines was sold to Novell in 1993, and DVC was formed from the hardware development team.

In 1995 DVC developed their first product for Cable Television <more> and following many more product introductions now has more than 7500 Multichannel decoder/switches installed throughout the world, as well as more cable TV products in development.

In 1999 DVC moved into the field of Digital Signage with a custom hardware development for a challenging environment - highly compact with wireless networking, no fan and no moving parts. Software and hardware development for this business continues, to support ongoing expansion and market development, and includes software for multiple platforms to provide clean smooth stable animations with multiple screen areas.

In 2002 DVC began its own Digital Signage software application, WebSign <more> and has deployments all over the USA. WebSign is an extremly powerful, flexible and customizable solution.

In looking for new opportunities, DVC is considering many aspects of technology where our experience in digital video products can be applied. This would of course include the fields we have been successful in -- namely Digital Signage and Cable Advertising, but could stretch to Security systems, Broadcast TV test or production equipment.

DVC People

Scott R. Adams, CEO/President, Founder
Seeing opportunity in Digital Video for Cable Television, Scott  founded DVC in 1993 with a vision of providing professional digital video equipment to computer companies, enabling new applications for high performance servers and storage systems. Mr. Adams brings over years of technical experience, with various engineering and management positions held at Raytheon, Apollo Computer, Fluent Machines, and DOME Imaging. Mr. Adams is responsible for the technical development of products, and general administration of the company. Mr. Adams received a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology and an MS in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University.

Chris Dixon, VP Business development
Chris was responsible for the technical team developing the Ad-Insertion system at Digital Equipment Corporation starting in 1994, initially handling market development and continuing to head the program management of the installation in California and managing UNIX- and NT-based software development for the solution for SkyConnect. At DVC Chris is interacting with customers and researching new business opportunities, and he works on software development, product planning and development scheduling. Chris has a masters degree in Engineering from Cambridge University in the UK and has almost 30 years of experience in the television and computer industry, including the BBC and Sony Broadcast and Communications.

Kevin J. Collins, Director Technical Operations
Kevin brings to DVC over 20 years of manufacturing experience, holding several positions in manufacturing at Digital Equipment Corp. Kevin's responsibilities include overseeing all aspects of production, including staff management, quality control, and technical operations.

Kim Lasko, VP Software Engineering
Kim has provided hands-on management in the development of four flagship products for various New England startup companies.   He has over 20 years experience in cutting-edge software development for areas such as multimedia, video conferencing, video surveillance, computer telephony, visual programming, and home automation.   Currently, he working with customers to further refine and extend the webSign Digital Signage product's features, system software, and web-based user interface.

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