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Websign from DVC is a complete solution to networked digital signage. Software development for this product has been ongoing at DVC since 2002 and now includes a fully functional web portal, media player software and hardware, and sophisticated data transfer and remote messaging and diagnostics to track and manage remote playback units installed anywhere with a broadband internet connection.

Websign is an ideal solution for an AV integrator or Digital Signage market developer. It can be customized and integrated to provide an individual solution and is scalable to thousands of players in thousands of locations, while allowing each unit to be individually programmed with a combination of global, regional and local content.

DVC has developed and manufactures Digital Signage Media Players specifically designed for this application. In a deployment players can be shipped to site, installed and once connected to the internet they pull the schedules and content and begin playing and reporting their status to the server.

DVC Websign includes a wide range of software and hardware components developed at DVC to support this application. Here are some of the highlights:
Websign Player software
The schedule contains sequences of web pages, Shockwave animations, and compressed video (MPEG, H.264, etc). The Websign player software plays each component for the required duration. This application software is also available as a standard Windows install package for a different choice of hardware
Cache Manager
Internet connections are not always reliable. The cache manager is able to 'look ahead' in the playlist and pull content into the cache so that the Websign player runs in 'offline' mode. Some webpages can contain live data like news and weather and the cache manager makes sure it is up-to-date before its displayed. In the event that the internet goes down, Websign continues to play. This is a key feature which enables DVC to play web page sequences reliably. Note that the web pages could come from any server anywhere on the internet.
Render Engine
Providing clean animation sequences without tearing, glitches and black gaps between videos has been our goal from the outset. The latest versions of the render engine use double buffering to provide seamless switching and smooth video playback and flash animations.
High Definition(HD)
Websign software is extensible to High Definition graphics and video content with sufficiently powerful hardware.
Multi Channel Video Walls
Installing specialized Graphics display hardware in a suitable computer allows an extended desktop, over several monitors and Websign makes use of this technology to provide a networked, monitored and remotely managed video wall solution.
Websign Server
The DVC Websign server is available as a service, ideal for small installations. User permissions allow separate institutions to maintain their own content libraries and schedules. DVC understands that larger installations maybe better served by an individual server installed on the customer's own hardware. Running on Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft SQL Server, ASP .NET is used to provide customizable webpages providing the functionality needed to maintain the whole system.
Web Portal
Using SSL which encrypts all the internet traffic, users login to manage their systems. Differing levels of authority separate users from working on different aspects of the operation, and the functions are highly customizable.
Websign System Monitoring
As the players connect, interact with the database and play content on their screens, they send messages to the server, updating status and logs so that users can keep track of each player's performance. DVC developed using MSMQ so that messages sent are held on a queue, ensuring that messages are delivered after a network outage, and that the system is scalable - hundreds of messages each second can be queued up and processed in sequence. Player system parameters are also monitored and logged, such as cpu and disk temperature, operating voltages, and the video monitor status also.
Desktop Websign Player
A new development under way at DVC in 2008 is to provide a windowed desktop player, which will install a 'lite' version of the player on the desktop, and without the detailed monitoring of a normal player, allow users to pull and watch a 'network channel' of signage on their own desktops.

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