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Digital Signage Products

VM400 EDU Player
VM 400 is an 300MHz Intel Celeron based media player which has an internal power supply, no fan, internal 802.11b on PCMCIA and runs Windows CE 5.0 from 32MB of flash memory.
VM500 EDU Media Player
VM 500 is a 650MHz Low Voltage Intel Celeron based media player which has an internal power supply, no fan, internal 802.11b on miniPCI and runs Windows CE 5.0. Smaller faster and cheaper than the VM400. Audio is an option.
Video scaled output on LVDS or TTL for direct connect to an LCD panel is also optional.
PD300  PDU Plasma Mount Media Player
For an application where the media player has to be installed in part of the plasma mount bracket, PD300 was designed with a fan and air filters to suit the environment. A hard disk can be added. Runs Windows XP or Windows CE.
PD510  PDU Small Form Factor Media Player
Including a 2.5" hard drive or Compact Flash memory and running Windows CE or XP, PD510 is the current digital signage platform for WebSign. With a 650MHz Celeron, up to 512MB of memory and 802.11a/b/g on an internal miniPCI card, PD510 runs from an external 12v power supply.
Battery Powered Signage Screen
Under development, this product will allow a small screen to display content that will be changed once or twice a day, wirelessly connected to a base station that accesses the internet to update content using WebSign software

Products in development at DVC include a new range of Media Players

PDX200 Web/ HD Video
Based on the DaVinci Chip the PDX200 will be a low cost extremely compact player. It will use Windows CE, Websign and a DSP enabling of HD Video playback
PDX600 Rich Content HD
Based on the latest low power Intel platform includes XP Embedded and HD playback in a very compact, fanless and diskless design
PDX800 Fast Graphics HD
A more powerful solution for Full HD Video and Graphics based on desktop design in a small form factor for Digital Signage applications.

Cable Television Products

The original DVC Product, the AVIS800 is the enabler for the DEC Local Cable Advertising system. It handled video processing and DTMF tone detection.
MDS420 4 Channel Decoder Switch
Integrating 4 channels of MPEG decoding and a SCSI-2 interface to the server provided the system with a significant cost and space reduction. Hot-swap board and power supply. Analog signal processing for level matching and signal measurement.
MDS440 4 Channel Decoder Switch
MDS445 4 Channel Decoder Switch
A single board design enabled cost reduction
MDS410 4 Channel Decoder Economy Switch
Removing much of the audio signal processing reduced the cost further
MDS480 8 Channel 4 Decoder Switch
For inserting 8 Channels of video using only 4 decoders. Software functions enabled decoder sharing.
MTS160  16 Channel Queue Trigger Gateway (Scout)
Reads DTMF tone triggers and generates IP messages to trigger DPI ad-insertion systems.
MDR800 8 Channel 8-VSB Receiver IP Gateway(Eagle)
MDR800 has 2x GigE, 16xDVB/ASI inputs and internally up to 16 DSPs which can be combined to scale, insert logos, time delay, stream switch, de-multiplex and re-multiplex multiprogram video streams. Focus is currently on a device to receive 8 channels of ATSC (local network terrestrial digital TV) and IP-encapsulate over GigE for processing at a Cable Headend.
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